Bike Salmon- Bad Idea

Bike Snob may or may not have coined the term bike salmon but it's perfect for the application. Bike salmon refers to bicyclists who ride the wrong way down a one-way street. While I appreciate that it's not always possible to obey every single law, this is one example where violating the law is a really bad idea for a whole slew of reasons.

First off, motorists are not expecting cyclists to ride the wrong way down a street. They are more likely to hit bike salmon for that reason. If a motorist does hit a bike salmon, they'll argue that the accident was the bike salmon's fault for traveling the wrong way, an effective defense in front of a jury of drivers.

Second, bike salmon pose certain risks to law-abiding bicyclists. I have personally had to go out into traffic to avoid aggressive bike salmon, and it's not right that law-abiding cyclists should be put in danger by bike salmon.

Third, bike salmon play into biases and prejudices against bicyclists in general. We have it tough enough when it comes to how the general public perceives cyclists. Don't do things that play into existing biases about cyclists such as blowing lights, spitting on cars or riding the wrong way down the street. Set a good and civil example for others. That's the best way to overcome prejudices against cyclists.

I think you may want to add

I think you may want to add that a Bike Salmon is one who bikes the wrong way in a bike lane, not just a one way street.